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Again, I wrote this novel to scream If this book changes one child, just one, then it has done its job.

I really hope it did. What a ride! Having worked in corrections for 18 years, the subject of this book caught my attention and the reviews prompted me to buy this it.

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Eastside is a book rich in its characters and storyline, and in its upfront portrayal of gangs and their neighborhoods. This book was very hard to put down. I have passed this book on to a few others, and they all have came back to me with "WOW! A Classic!!!!!!!!!

The book is real. It's like I was watching a movie. It's almost like I was sitting on a porch in the hood and watching these things happen. Every young person needs to read this book. The book contained many powerful messages. It should be used as a teaching tool in our schools. The book is also a healing tool for families who have lost loved ones to inner city violence. I can't count the number of times I broke down into tears while reading this book. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Simply Amazing Published by Thriftbooks.

I have to say, that this story held my attention to the very end. Travon was one of those characters that you just love from the moment as you are learning his story.

Crooked G's Strebor on the Streetz

Caleb you did a wonderful job with this book. You have loads of talent and I wish you well. On The Hood Published by Thriftbooks. He's the younger brother of reputed gang banger, drug dealing, assassin, "Too Low. Elmira has already had to bury one of her sons. While she allowed Too-Low to find his own path, she has refused to lose Tre to the same foolish violence.

Eastside : A Coming-of-Age Story Set Amidst the Backdrop of the Gang Violence in the Early 1990s

Unbeknownst to Elmira, Tre is being tested daily. While Too Low was able to keep Tre away from the streets and his affiliations, the vultures are now circling. Confused and deeply pained, Tre doesn't know what to do. His older brother died for it, he and his best friend fell out due to it, and all of his cousins are down with it, can Tre continue to avoid it? Or will he chose sides? In EASTSIDE readers get to ride shot gun through the ferocious streets of Texas as Tre's innocence is stripped from him replacing it with a vicious drug dealing, gang banger that is involved in daily shoot outs and car chases, while having to watch his back from rival gang bangers, racist crooked cops as well as some of the people affiliated in his own gang.

While you can't help but to sympathize for the mothers who have to bury their young sons, the anger rises as you see the young boys throw their lives away on colors. Are you serious, a color? Can you imagine being that mother learning that your son lost his life because he would rather hold down a color?

Is that all that we're teaching our children? Is this the best they can hope for? It's a sad truth, but this is an overwhelming cycle that is plaguing African American males.

Chapter 3: Grass & Fields, Hedges & Bushes 32 Chapter 4: Modelling Trees (with Barry Bowen).

Drugs, death, gangs, jails and absentee fathers add to the obliteration of the African American male. As a mother I cried out incessantly, and not just for my children, but for everyone else's as well. Is there hope for the future? Reviewed by: Crystal. O plains of mine! Should this man buy a season ticket? I will be posting my next audio clip very soon.

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One person found this helpful. Finally get to write my review. Collins this book is awesome. I strongly recommend this book for my friends and anyone else that's looking for a page turner, can't sleep until it's finished, and a lesson learned. Looking forward to reading all of your books. Interesting story line I enjoyed it.

I couldn't put it down its a must read. Cant to read more of sk collins books. I really enjoyed reading this book. I recommend this for those who love urban fiction books. I am excited for part of this story to come out. Format: Kindle Edition. Life to her is all about money and when she sees a baller she is on it even if it means losing the one she loves. Zeek has always been a respectful and loving guy, coming from a rough neighborhood never changed him as a person. When he finds out that the only girl who has ever had his heart has cheated on him Zeek makes a change for the worst.

He believes the way to get respect is by hustling, and he hits the street running. In this tale full of lies, deceit and treachery, Will Chelsea and Zeek be able to rekindle their love or will they live in their separate worlds forever? I was very disappointed in this book. I felt like I was misled because this is a re-released book. From the beginning, I felt this book lacked drama and was rushed in some parts. This book had potential but lost its way.