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Melody's Makings' Baby Patterns. A collection of all my super cute knit and crochet baby-toddler sized patterns. Baby Owl Hat Crochet Pattern. Buttoned Stocking Cap Pattern. Petite Cabled Skirt Crochet Pattern. Garden Cocoon Crochet Pattern. Knit Baby Owl Hat Pattern. Baby Football Crochet Pattern.

Knit Smock Stitch Kitty Hat. Momma's Cupcake Hat Pattern. Swirl Sack Hat — Free Pattern.

Free Pattern. International orders welcome, additional shipping invoice will follow order as needed. Sold out charms in a set will be replaced with one of equal or greater value.

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Snitch Necklace that really opens with a chime ball inside on a ball necklace. This enormous set was such a fun to put together for ya'll, it's a really large set with a total of 38 will vary. We've been brainstorming, set up lists and buying charms from all around the world round for about a year now. While there are several sets out there, this might be the most comprehensive set of all and I love this set.

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Necklace sold out in minutes, sorry Peeps. L-R we have the infamous Colt and it's bullets, other instruments needed.

Cass massive wings and trench. Baby, ya gotta have Baby, cassette cause, "Driver picks the music and Shotgun shuts his cake hole".

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Shovel to dig with and real sea salt for the bones. Salt is topped with a "Tigers Eye" for when Dean sang that song atop Baby at the end of the episode. Burgers and beer, fangs and hell hounds, didn't miss much here. BB8 sold out. I love the trees, as is evident by more and more items, I can't seem to stop making trees! I feel like I step into a SciFi realm while working on them Any of these can be made in loop or lobster for crocheters.

The following are all 12mm trees, items grow larger from there. Bracelets, silver or brass, Tree only. All of the rest can be made into:. I know, don't belong but I couldn't help myself. I've loved the tree design since I was a child and have been utilizing it in many things ever since. These are all the same size, they look different due to the camera angle.

Perfect to cover a top pony tail or two. Antique brass finished. Bobby Pins.

Knit Baby Hat with pattern - 1 Hour Knitting Project Knitting Tutorial with Stefanie Japel

Again, don't fit but I love them! I use these to allow my hair to dry back off of my face. These are all silver plated and have real shells or real stones in them. Order left to right clippies or barrettes, then tell me which color, l to r paua natural, paua pink, tiger's eye, paua natural again , sodalite - stone is navy with natural white marbelization.

These were all so cute I couldn't help myself. Fall Harvest. Ribbit, Ribbit. Glass Froggies.

Stocking Cap

I love these little guys they are my "go to" for markers when I need them. You can have a small rainbow of 7, large rainbow of 14, OR make your own set. To make your own set change the quantity in paypal. There are 35 on a strand but the set will not be complete rainbows as there are only a couple of yellow per strand, etc.

Along with some Czech, other crystals and metal beads Each set is slightly different and there are only 6 of each set. The quantity of markers varies, there are about 18 in each set. All sets are one of a kind as each bead placement will change and vary, bead caps will be added and exchanged but all are genuine crystals and glass pearls from Swarovki and Czech.

These remind me of a small artists colony in Arizona, a city named Sedona. Set of 14 loops, copper findings, glass and crystal beads. Montana many faceted crystals, pretty little things, these are Venezia and Czech crystal. Lovely high end faceted AB beads, all the caps are costly silver plate, most antique silver to for a smashing finish, 20 loops. Turquoise crystal, variety of sizes, 26 loops. Comes with either rainbow or silver caps. Both sets have 27 loop. I love these sets, they are addicting to make. Some of the silver filigree feels very light, I know it's not the metal coated plastic type but lace balls feel like aluminum so take care.

There are 25 in each set, 2 sets available. I feel hard in love with these beads, all the centers full of wonder, foil, sprinkles, flowers, so many different beauties. Order by name, before hypen via buttons below. Watermelon Season - Hand painted wooden watermelon slice on lobster of Mountain Jade, yup, it's real Jade!. LOVE this one! Can make from a variety of jades. I can refund the overcharge or you can order anther set in the notes section of your order or PM me for an invoice.

Free pattern for Butterfly Garland

This set is sold but we will make a similar one for you. Lovely hand made, each will be slightly different as there's only one of this exact toggle back. BLUE back in stock! Shown here in blue, also comes in hot pink counter with purple or green beads. Reforged Crackle. Crackled beads that look as though they have been broken and made anew stronger than ever they were.

They come two sizes to a marker, one 6mm and 8mm. The Hot Peppers are here! Lamp work hot pepper stitch markers! Their size varies just like on the vine because they each made by hand. On average they are 25x8mm. Fits: up to size 7 needles. Different hoop sizes available. If you like this set, order fast as there are only FOUR rabbits remaining. Antique brass pocket watch has been replaced with silver.