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Friends like Delilah, the former thief who he teamed up with in the first book and her motley crew too. Everything that he and Delilah have learned over the course of their adventure comes to a climax in this. My copy came from my library, but you should be able to lay your hands on this fairly easily on Kindle and Kobo as well as in paperback from all the usual sources , including actual bookshops.

I had 50 pages to go on the Sunday night and ended up finishing it on Monday morning. Early Riser is the latest novel from Jasper Fforde and his first new book in four years — and his first new adult novel in six years. Anyway, to the plot:. Charlie Worthing is about to start his first season as a Winter Consul. Every year, the human population hibernates for four months to escape the bitterly cold weather.

But some brave souls are needed to protect the sleeping — and Charlie has volunteered to be one of them. To stay awake during the winter means you need to be very committed — but also a little bit mad as Charlie soon discovers. One of his first tasks is investigating an outbreak of viral dreams — where people are having the same dream right down to the little details. And then Charlie starts having the dream — and bits of it seem to be coming true.

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Is it just winter narcosis — or is soething more sinister going on. In the Thursday Next series is a world where the Crimean War never ended, where literature is venerated and where — if you have the right skills — you can actually get inside a book and wander around the story. In Early Riser he does the same thing. After a lovely diagram of a Dormitorium opposite the title page, you find yourself on a train with a dead woman who is playing the bouzouki. And it only gets weirder. And it is a rollicking good adventure. Charlie is an engaging accidental hero and you sympathise with him as he bumbles his way through his first winter, running into complications and obstacles at every turn.

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But I trust him having read and loved the Thursday Next series and the Nursery Crime series and so was prepared to take the leap into this with him. I just hope that the next one is the eighth Thursday Next book….

Black-Hearted Bitch

I took it as a sign that I should buy it for myself. This is totally within the normal range of what I do and what you expect from me. And this is another book that I started during my weekend at boo conference and then got distracted away from by the purchase of more books at said book conference and then by other books on the kindle. So sue me! Howl is a temperamental, vacillating young man who is on the run from something and only seems to do things that help himself but Calcifer, his fire demon promises to help her if she can help him with the curse that ties him to Howl.

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Check out these great titles without spending a dime. Discover more book in Mystery, Thriller and Suspense book category as well as even more various other book categories. Register for FREE for get this book online free. Everything comes to the fore, in a heady emotional mix, when they head to a summer music festival. The protagonists, who alternate telling the story, have their own distinct characters and engaging dialogue. Pratt conjures up the insecurity and intensity of being young and away at a festival even one with a Mellow Tent and builds the tension well.

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So what happens when teens are let loose at a music festival? Well, for one thing, there is apparently a "realm of non-icky shaggableness".

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You'll have to read Remix to find the key to that. The novel is moving and a fun summer read. In this follow-up to the impressive Starring Kitty, Stainton takes Sunny and her best friends Kitty and Hannah to London for a film-making course. They are all out of their comfort zones, geographically and mentally, and have to deal with the assumptions people make about them "really you have to keep coming out for your whole life," says Kitty. Sunny is a warm and a well adjusted teenager, whose character provides an understated insight into the life of Muslim teens in Britain, something important given negative stereotypes.

Seeing Sunny start to figure out what she wants from life and blossom during her London adventure is a strength of a novel possibly aimed at the younger end of the YA market. As ever, Stainton advocates diversity and self-awareness in a subtle way. And Tim Rose's cover design is neat. Back in London, some time later, the same group manage to kidnap his year-old daughter Robyn Elizabeth Knollys-Green, who tells the story of how this drama unfolds. Some of the best moments are when we are shown Robyn's sense of bewilderment at her tricky family life and having to live in the public eye.

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